900-HP Ford Falcon Will Make You Wonder If There's Any Sanity Left In The World

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So there's a chance Australia knows how to do muscle cars better than we do.

It's been said by many adventurers that travel is the best way to bring the world together. By immersing oneself in a foreign culture full of strangers practicing strange traditions, one can learn that all those things seen as differentiating factors between one culture or another are just superficial, like the color of a T-shirt, and that underneath it all is just another person trying to live their life, do their job, hang out with their loved ones, and get some pleasure out of it all before death comes knocking.

For example, if you were to ignore how funny those accents sported Australians sound, you'd see that they love muscle cars branded with Blue Ovals just as much as we do. The concept is still the same-huge V8 placed under the hood of some attractive and retro-looking sheet metal-but the body styles, like the many available colors of T-shirts, are different.

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The Ford Falcon is the very embodiment of that. While it was never sold in the USA, the Falcon was one of Australia's beloved muscle cars that, like 575 horsepower the Holden HSV GTS, made plenty of American tourists go green with envy whenever they ventured Down Under. However this 1977 Falcon XC has the ability to do more than just stoke feelings of envy. A single rev of its naturally-aspirated V8 and you'll skip past envy straight down to fear. Thanks to clever tuning, its block churns out 700 horsepower when not provoked. When it is coaxed using a shot of nitrous, that figure jumps to 900 horsepower, meaning its owner doesn't need to explain why he goes through four sets of rear tires for every one set of fronts.

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