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900hp Supra So Loud It Breaks Video Cameras

The Supra is still relevant in 2013. Just imagine what the new one will be like.

If you’ve ever wondered why the Toyota Supra was so popular with tuners, and why it achieved near legendary status, this video should go some way toward explaining it. No engine swap was needed for this car to turn out 900 horsepower, just a solid build with a big turbo for the 3.0-liter 2JZ engine. The result is a sub-ten-second car which sounds like a machine gun at high revs, and according to the owner, can do real damage to sound equipment.

It’s not the fastest car in the video, but when you consider what the differences in displacement are likely to be, it’s still one hell of a car. Also, we don’t know what’s going on with that dude at end of the video either, so don’t ask us.

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