911 Carrera 4S Now Available

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Need a little more power to go with your 911? Then consider upgrading to the "S" model, which includes a larger and slightly more powerful engine. It is now a 3.8 liter flat-6 producing 385 horsepower. Available as a coupe and cabriolet in rear or all-wheel drive Carreras, this power upgrade does command a higher base price, but since when is more power and speed solely a dollars and sense issue? The latest 911 Carreras have that famous and unique flat-6 boxer engine that was completely reworked in 2009.

They feature direct fuel injection, two-piece crankcases, and revised intake and exhaust systems. They also have Porsche's VarioCam Plus intake-valve timing and lift system. With a new generation currently in the works, it'll be interesting to see how Porsche will continue to upgrade this unusual engine layout.

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