911 Meets its Grandpa in the Alps

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The latest Porsche 991 meets the original 901 on the Fulka Pass in this brief video encounter.

As our weekly feature series focuses on "The Other Porsches", we felt a bit of 911 love was in order. So we're grateful to Car magazine for providing this video that brings the original 911 to meet the latest version that's set, incidentally, to celebrate the model's 50th anniversary with a special edition soon. On the Furka Pass that crisscross the Swiss Alps, Chris Chilton compares a 1965 Porsche 911 with the latest iteration of the car that was named the greatest of the past half century in the magazine's October golden anniversary issue.

For better or worse, the 911 has stuck religiously to its original formula, hanging its flat-six engine over the back of the rear axle - an imperfect design that Porsche has subtly tweaked to arguable perfection over the years. See how the original compares to its newest descendant in the video clip below.

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