92-Year-Old Lady Drives Tesla Model X After Driving Soviet Cars For 60 Years

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Here's what happened.

Automotive technology is rapidly changing and it can often be something of a struggle to keep up with. Think about it. The very idea of self-driving cars becoming a reality a decade ago was laughable. A decade from now, they'll be everywhere. So imagine what it must be like for 92-year-old Roosi to experience new technologies already in place. Case in point: a Tesla Model X with self-driving capabilities. You see, Roosi is from Tallinn, Estonia, a former Soviet bloc country.

The only cars she's ever driven were Soviet cars. Her current car is a 43-year-old Moskvich. Soviet cars, in case you've never seen one, are about the dullest-looking things on earth.

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Fortunately Rossi just had her driver's license renewed (for 10 years!), so her skills behind the wheel are solid, at least by Estonian standards. Geenius Meedia, who believes Roosi might be the "oldest actively driving lady in the country," organized this experiment of sorts. Roosi was game to get behind the wheel of a Model X, unlike an older video showing a 97-year-old man sitting in the passenger seat of a Model S. At first she didn't appear to be all that impressed, but some instant torque changed that.


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