92-Year-Old Man Receives First BMW From His BMW-Loving Grandson


Time to check another thing off the bucket list.

Not everyone is fortunate enough in life to get all the things they want. Sometimes those desired things are a family or children, or perhaps it's owning one's dream car. For BMW Blog writer Shawn Molnar the idea was to give his grandfather, who also happens to be a BMW man, his dream car: an E30 3 Series. Problem is, E30s have surged in value as of late and good ones can be hard to come by. But as luck would have it, Shawn received a call from a BMW-mechanic pal with an offer he couldn't refuse: an 1988 735i in mint condition.

Without any hesitation, the car was purchased and driven to its new owner. Molnar's 92-year-old grandfather, who's never had a BMW before, is now the proud owner and driver of this mighty old 7 Series. It's a wonderful story everyone will enjoy. Get ready to possibly shed a few tears.

Source Credits: www.bmwblog.com

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