950-HP 9ff Porsche 911 Almost Wipes Out 760-HP BMW M5 In Drag Race

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This would have been one expensive crash.

This is no ordinary Porsche 911. Nor is this a stock BMW M5. Both cars have been heavily modified to the extent that the 997-gen 911 is now packing 950 horsepower thanks to aftermarket firm 9ff, while the BMW M5 F10 has 760 hp to play with courtesy of Gorilla Performance. On paper, the Porsche should wipe the floor with the Bavarian super sedan but, as with many drag races we have seen down the years, incompetent drivers means the results don't always go as expected.

Within a second of the cars launching off the line, the Porsche driver finds himself in a spot of bother. And by spot of bother we mean he's lost control and is veering straight for the Bimmer.

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In his defense, the track appears slippery, drying up after a recent downpour, and he catches the slide before any damage is done. As for the M5, well this thing sounds as good as it looks and after taking on the monstrous 911 has no problem going up against a Nissan GT-R.

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