950-HP Ferrari ZXX Does Epic Donuts In Belgium

Wouldn't they be called croissants in French-speaking countries?

The Ferrari Enzo ZXX doing donuts in this video is famousfor many things. For starters, it crashed into the ocean during the 2011 TargaNewfoundland. It then went through a “Six Million Dollar Man” session in the Edo Competition shop (which actually cost $2.3 million) to create the one-of-a-kind 950-hpbeast you see here. Said beast has now been let loose on Beligum’s Circuit deSpa-Francorchamps where it does some of the most glorious donuts we’ve everseen.

The donuts begin around the 36-second mark but the entirevideo is worth a watch as it shows the Enzo ZXX Edo Competition in action.

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