988-HP Lamborghini Aventador Gets Extreme Carbon Makeover

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Only three examples are being made, and no two models will look the same.

Lamborghini will soon be unleashing an even more hardcore version of the Aventador at Geneva next month. Rumored to be called the SVJ, Lamborghini's latest V12-powered beast will likely serve as a track-focused, hardcore swansong for the soon-to-be-retired Aventador and will likely be even more powerful than the standard 740 hp Aventador. If you can't wait, there are plenty of options in the aftermarket tuning scene. German tuner DMC, for example, takes the Italian supercar to new extremes.

Dubbed the Edizione GT, DMC's custom Aventador is powered by a reworked version of Lamborghini's 6.5-liter V12 tuned to deliver an astonishing 988 horsepower. And now there's a new version. DMC calls its latest creation the Edizione GT 'Las Americas,' and it's safe to say the tuner has outdone itself. Developed in partnership with Creative Bespoke USA, Fie Exhaust and Forgiato Wheels, the tuning package replaces the Lamborghini body with newly designed carbon fiber parts, including new front and rear bumpers, a new hood cover with eye-catching air scoops, and a prominent GT rear spoiler, which can be set in three different angles for City, Corsa and Crazy mode.

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Combining the body kit with a sinister black body, the result is a Lamborghini that looks out of this world. DMC's CEO says the aggressive design was inspired by Japanese cartoons he used to watch like Captain Future and Gundam, and it shows. Completing the body kit is an array of tunnels, flaps and diffusers. Every Las Americas Aventador also features fetching Forgiato Wheels forged wheels, a new suspension kit and a Fi Exhaust sports exhaust. Fine Italian leathers and copious amounts of carbon fiber adorn the custom cabin. New buttons and trims are also available, along with a redesigned steering wheel.

Prices for the tuning package start at $88,880, but adding more options can raise the total cost up to a whopping $300,000. Potential buyers also have to apply before they're allowed to buy one. Oh, and DMC only plans to produce a a grand total of three Las America Aventadors, each in a unique color and style as the tuner refuses to sell the same color twice, ensuring that no two models will look the same. And we thought buying a Ford GT was difficult.

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