993 Porsche 911 Restomod Will Be A 6-Figure Cruise Missile

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Tuthill's new 911 will be a highway assassin.

The world of the restomodded Porsche 911 is now a deep, vast, expensive one. Just about anyone who works on Porsches will take a 6-figure sum from you and build you the 911 of your dreams. So much so, that "the Singer of X" has become a bit of a byword for a well-executed restoration and modernization of a car.

Tuthill Porsche, a UK-based outfit, is no stranger to restoring and modifying these iconic sports cars. Recently, the company unveiled its "911K" restomod and is now following that up with yet another retro-new Porsche. This time, it's in the shape of the last air-cooled 911: the 993.

Tuthill Porsche

If you're a true Porsche freak, you've taken one look at the lights and gone down to the comments to tell us we're idiots for thinking this is a 993. Technically, it is, despite the 964-style lights. Tuthill says this car uses the running gear from the 993. So, under that expensive bespoke bodywork, there is in fact a 993.

This car is reportedly designed to be a more relaxed vehicle than the 11,000-RPM nuclear bomb that will be the Tuthill 911K. Instead, this will be a 911 Cruise Missile Touring, not the full nuclear option. Still, the motor will be a special thing, taking the 996's 3.6-liter engine to 3.8 liters with individual throttle bodies.

Tuthill Porsche

From there, Tuthill says it'll add a Motec ECU and butterfly intake system to the mix, as well as a 6-speed G50 gearbox. We're sure anything attached to anything we've mentioned will also be lovingly refurbished, restored, and upgraded as needed. After all, you can't just build a monster of a motor and then go home. Then you'd be the Ferrari F1 team, and who wants to be them?

While we did say this car will use the 993's running gear, that will exclude the suspension. Again, while we're more than sure the car will be totally refreshed from every angle, the 993's original springs and shocks have been tossed for a set of 2-way adjustable "road coilovers." We imagine that'll contribute to the more civil nature of this car. Braking will also be handled by custom units, this time from Tuthill itself.

Tuthill Porsche Tuthill Porsche

There'll be other comforts as well. Tuthill said in its above post that the car will be getting air conditioning, useful, we're sure, for those hot British summer days. Inside, things look incredible, with new seats and a totally refreshed cabin. That'll also mean Bluetooth connectivity, something that was definitely not around when the 993 911 was new.

Unfortunately, Tuthill hasn't said how much power this will make. Given the looks, we're betting it'll be "enough." We know these motors are capable of more than 400 horsepower when built right. If its previous work is any indication, this motor should be built right as well.

Tuthill Porsche Tuthill Porsche

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