996 Porsche 911 Turbo Racks Up 676,000 Miles With One Owner

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The 996 has its flaws, but this one appears to be one of the most reliable ones out there.

One Porsche 911 Turbo owner has pushed his car further than even Porsche thought it could go, rolling the odometer over on his 996-generation Turbo. Well, to be specific, the owner didn't actually roll the odometer over. Instead, per the Apex Automotor page on Facebook, the car's odometer is now stagnant, reading 999,999 km (621,370.571 mi).

It appears the owner, reputed to be the car's only owner, doesn't have social media, as a friend has been sharing consistent updates on the Turbo's mileage for a number of years now. As of November 21, the car had crossed 650K miles, with the mileage count now standing at 676,854 miles.

Eric Kaul/Facebook

It's no secret Porsche's cars can pack on the miles. One owner has done more than a million miles in his 911. High-mile 996s are a staple of the bargain Porsche market, and even high-mile Turbos sell for more than new Carreras. We should note that the odometer has been toggled over to miles in the below photo, presumably so Thalmann can keep tracking the mileage.

Per the posts of Eric Kaul, Thalmann's friend, the car has had some impressive reliability throughout Thalmann's ownership. In nearly 700,000 miles, the engine has been out just once, and that was half a lifetime ago for the Turbo.

"Tom said, they removed the engine at 383,000 to fix minor oil leaks and replace turbos, decided to break it down to look at the internals, there were maybe two bearings with very light shadowing, rest of the engine was flawless," said Kaul in his post.

Eric Kaul/Facebook

"It was not what we expected to find but were glad when we did!" continues Kaul. "These engines are well built and well engineered. Every valve was mic'd and met factory spec in every dimension, couldn't believe it." In addition to the car's impressive track record, it is reported that Thalmann regularly tracks the car.

We can see some evidence of that in the photos, which appear to have been taken at a race track. Thalmann appears to have fitted some Porsche bucket seats in light of the car's heavy track use- something we hope continues as the Turbo racks up the miles.

Eric Kaul/Facebook
Source Credits: Apex Automotor

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