9ff Speed9

If you've always found the 911 Turbo to be a bit sluggish, with its (ho hum) 480 horsepower, then 9ff is here to help. They've fitted the Turbo with a new pair of F-700 VTG turbochargers and an upgraded ECU to bring the power output up to 700 horsepower. They call it the Speed9 and it means that we can finally have a 911 that's faster than a Toyota Corolla (heavy sarcasm). The Speed9 isn't a track car, but a street monster, and as such you can have it in either a hardtop or convertible.

A roll cage is still offered, as are sport seats and a 9ff steering wheel. The exterior gets an aerodynamic working over, which includes front and rear spoilers and side skirts. A new set of 19-inch wheels complete the list of modifications, and are wrapped in Continental Force sport tires.

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