A 1,088 HP Rimac Concept One Is The Way To Lose Your Electric Car Virginity

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Because sometimes a Chevy Volt just doesn't cut it.

Long gone are the days when electric cars were for the pansy suckers who wanted to save the world. Nowadays, if you want to beat the best that the automotive world has to offer, you go electric. Most recently, Tesla proved that by doing nothing more than installing a new battery into the Model S and X. Now there's the Rimac Concept One, which can put the hurt on the Model S as well as a Ferrari LaFerrari with four wheels of instant all-electric torque. However, as a small automaker, nobody has really gotten too close to the Concept one.

Until now. That's because YouTuber Alexsmolik has just decided to lose his electric car virginity to none other than a Rimac Concept One. Your fair writer's turn took place behind a Fiat 500e. Let's mull on how unfair the world is while we see just what the Concept One has to offer.


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