A 1,200-HP McLaren 12C Shows How Easy It Is To Turn A Supercar Into A Hypercar


That is if you have the balls to go through with it.

Of the hundreds of possible ways to enjoy one of the few solar eclipse one will ever enjoy in their lives, Matt Farah has found possibly the best. That would be behind the wheel of a McLaren 12C Spider. Of course there are dozens of other drop-top supercars that their millionaire owners can drive around during events of cosmic significance, but this one is a far cry from the stock 616 horsepower MaCa that was debuted in 2011.

That’s because its owner is a madman who took his McLaren to North Carolina and California-based tuner Hypercar Development for a boost. With three turbochargers and (as the owner chimes in), four blow-off valves, this McLaren can be considered a hypercar without a shred of doubt.

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Making its way to the rear wheels is 1,200 horsepower. It’s appropriate that Farah decided to put this McLaren to the test on the day of the solar eclipse for two reasons. The first is that cops and average citizens alike will be too distracted to be on the roads, giving Farah an open opportunity to own the pavement and have his way with the 12C. The second is that, just like the moon is doing to the sun, this McLaren should eclipse everything else on the road, Ferrari LaFerrari or McLaren P1 included. It’s a good thing the roll cage is there to keep the test drivers safe while the occupants trade off between watching the eclipse and making mincemeat out of California's hills, even if handicapped with 91-octane pump fuel.