A 1000-Horsepower Toyota Supra Is Coming

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Turns out the A90 might be a tuner's dream after all.

The 2020 Toyota Supra has divided the internet more than McGregor vs Mayweather. Fans of the fourth-generation Supra and 2JZ engine hate the fact that the new model uses a BMW engine while those on the other side of the fence are defending Toyota's business acumen because it simply would make no financial sense for Toyota to develop an all-new inline-six for a single model.

But as a stock machine, the A90, or fifth-generation, Supra is almost impossible to fault - it's a truly impressive machine and one worthy of the Supra nameplate. Of course, most of the A80 fanboys are fans of the old 2JZ's aftermarket tunability, and for many, that will be the ultimate measure of the A90's worthiness of bearing the Supra badge.

Papadakis Racing
Papadakis Racing
Papadakis Racing
Papadakis Racing

Ready to prove that the 2020 Supra is worthy of the name is American tuner, Papadakis Racing. Unlike many drifters and racers who've opted for a straight 2JZ swap - something Toyota engineered the A90 to be capable of - Stephan Papadakis is pursuing the goal of reaching 1,000 horsepower using the BMW B58 engine it arrived with from the factory.

In order to achieve the four-figure output, there's a lot of work that needs to go into the project, but Stephan is keeping everyone in the loop with a comprehensive breakdown of the build on YouTube, detailing each and every mod that takes place.

Importantly, he's using the stock block and standard crankshaft of the 3.0-liter B58 engine, but he's fitted custom-forged JE pistons, Chromoly Carillo con-rods, and a 3D-printed aluminum intake manifold. These key upgrades, among many others, are included for one key reason - they're all strong enough to withstand heaps of additional boost courtesy of a new Borg Warner turbocharger.

There'll be a full dyno run soon, which should tell if the engine lives up to the potential he's sure it possesses.


If the name Papadakis Racing sounds familiar, it might be because they've also been involved with a few crazy projects over the last couple of years, including a crazy Toyota Corolla drift car for Frederic Aasbo. If they can make a Corolla into a drift machine, surely they can achieve four-figure outputs from a BMW inline-six?

Papadakis Racing

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