A 13-Year-Old Hitting 202 MPH In A Bugatti Is Something You Don't See Every Day

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We suddenly feel inadequate.

Remember Steven Aghakhani? He was the 12-year-old kid who was last seen tearing up the drag strip in a McLaren 650S. In that video the kid only did 162.1 mph. Now Aghakhani is a year older and with the arrival of his teenage years came a new goal: hit 200 mph. As you'd expect he did just that, piloting a Bugatti Veyron to 202 mph at a recent Shift-S3ctor event. His proud father was there to witness the run, calling it "the best Father's Day gift." Wow, so that's what our dads really wanted all these years.

Watching a Veyron go in a straight line isn't very remarkable until you consider the fact that the kid behind the wheel can't even purchase a ticket to an R-rated movie. Steven Aghakhani's next goal is to hit 210 mph. We have no doubt he'll get there. Anyone care to guess what he'll be driving when he does?

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