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A 1966 Ford Mustang That's Like No Other

This thing is built for racing. Pure and simple.

Anyone who’s ever driven a classic stock Ford Mustang will know it has its faults. That doesn’t mean it’s not a great car, but when it comes to racing, old Mustangs have their drawbacks. But damn do they look fantastic. There’s just something about them. So can it be possible to take a classic ‘Stang and rework it with modern parts so that it’ll tackle the race track with ease and stability? Mike Maier from Maier Racing asked himself that very question and he built a solution.

His 1966 Mustang coupe underwent some major improvements that have turned it into one of the best-built and most fun to drive classic muscle cars on the road today. This latest episode of Big Muscle with host Mike Musto explores both this very special Mustang and the man who made it better than ever.

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Ford Mustang Coupe
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