A 1967 Chevrolet, a Cruise Missile, a Hillbilly and his Hot Wife


As Reese Bobby would say, “it’s the fastest who get paid and it’s the fastest who get laid.”

Paul Stender of Indianapolis, Indiana, wanted to go fast. Actually, he wanted to go really, really fast. There was just one problem: he only had a '67 Chevy Impala. Stender solved his problem by attaining, through mysterious means, a cruise missile. The end result is his Jet-Impala 67, capable of hitting speeds as high as 300mph. With the addition of the cruise missile, the 44-year old now sits behind the wheel of his Impala packing the equivalent of 10,000hp (you read that right, 10K hp).

He created the Jet-Impala with his crew at Indy Boys Inc. and his lovely 29-year old wife Therese (we can't help but picture Cal Naughton Jr. and Carley Bobby when we get a see these two). The car is based on a (probably made up) urban legend about a hillbilly farmer who crashed his rocket-propelled car into the side of a mountain. Stender said of his creation, "We created the car as a bit of fun, it's a comedy act we do at the motorsport events we go to. We tell the audience we found the engine the day before and make it look like the missile is just tied onto the car with a bit of rope. It looks like it's going to blow up at any minute."

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"I even dress up as a farmer to add to the effect, it's a little comedy act we do." Indeed it is, sir. Indeed it is. Check out the photos of the missile-powered automobile below. Photos courtsey of Caters News Agency

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