A 1967 Toyota 2000GT Is The Birthday Gift We Desperately Want


Of course we all deserve one.

Toyota built only 351 examples of its achingly beautiful 2000GT, thus making each surviving one extremely expensive. But that didn’t matter to these brothers, scions of a family-owned Toyota dealership legacy in France. In fact, it was their family that opened the first and oldest Toyota dealer in the country. Because of this, they had access to some truly great Toyotas of yesteryear, including a pair of 2000GTs. Unfortunately, both had to be sold for “family reasons” but the brothers’ father could never mentally let go of the cars he loved so much.

The brother loved them too, and as their father’s 70th birthday approached they knew the ideal present. This latest episode of Petrolicious showcases one family’s love for the iconic Toyota sports car, developed in conjunction with Yamaha.

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Interestingly, Yamaha originally planned to work with Nissan on the project, but the latter backed out. Toyota took its place and together the companies felt it was time to show the Germans a thing or two about building beautifully and wonderfully balanced grand tourers. To this day, the Toyota 2000GT remains one of the most sought after Japanese collectors cars on the planet.