A 1968 Paris Auto Salon Classic from... Mazda!?

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The hottest Mazda you never knew existed is on sale in the UK for a bargain $30K.

Although Mazda started importing some cars to America in the late 1950s, nobody here really knew they existed before the 1973 oil crisis. And even then, these were the cars you compromised on, not ones you lusted for. But check out this 1968 Cosmo - the original display car shown at the Paris Auto Show. With classic 60s two-door lines and a red paint job, this might be one of the best looking cars nobody knew about.

On sale on eBay, the car comes in the short wheelbase version presented at the show, instead of the long wheelbase model that was eventually built. It also sports a unique front design, which was changed in later production models. This Cosmo isn't exactly in the best condition. It's missing both taillights and needs some serious restoration inside and out. It's also fitted with a 1974 13b rotary engine rather than the original 10a it came with. This new engine may have been forced to fit, as it was slightly larger than the previous one. But at under $30,000 it might be your cheapest way to get behind the wheel of a 1960s classic.

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