A 1972 C3 Corvette For $600,000?! Is This Guy Serious?

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Well, it is a one-off, but still.

Apparently this 1972 C3 Corvette is a one-off. Presenting the 1972 Motion Moray C3 Corvette, and it's currently up for sale on eBay (again) for an asking price of $600,000. That's not a typo. So how the hell is this thing worth that price tag? We're honestly not so sure. According to Corvette Blogger, Motion Performance, founded by Joel Rosen, was a tuning shop that was in business back in the late 1960s. It focused primarily on Camaros, Novas, and Chevelles. A few other Corvettes were worked on there as well, but this was the only C3 they did.

So what was done to the C3? It received a Maco Shark front end treatment complete with a clamshell hood, a recessed grille, and hidden headlights. The rear end has custom glass and a high rear spoiler. The interior is decked out with button-tucked diamond patterned seats (it was the 70s after all), door panels and dashboard. Power comes from a factory LS5 454 with about 475 hp. Also present is an aluminum intake, Holley carburetor, and a four-speed transmission. Now, a guy named Dan Hayes bought the car back in 2006, not knowing its history. He did some homework and put it up for sale at $600k in 2009. Now it's for sale again at that same price. Is it worth it?

Source Credits: www.corvetteblogger.com

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