A 2,000-HP GT-R Losing Control At 218 MPH Is The Definition Of Terrifying

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First that insane Camaro crash and now this.

It was only a few days ago that we saw an 1,800-hp Camaro roll at 200 mph. Now we get this video of a 2,000-hp Nissan GT-R losing control at 218 mph. Luckily it's not nearly as terrifying as the Chevy crash. In fact, this car doesn't even roll after it loses control. The camera going crazy is merely just a result of the in-car GoPro coming loose. Still, spinning out at 218 mph is absolutely terrifying, especially given the lack of a roll cage in the car. Right about now you're probably wondering what caused this Godzilla to lose control and almost eat its driver up.

According to a comment from the video uploader, TalonTSi97 Videos, the whole thing was caused by a broken aftermarket control arm. Fear not, though, because the guys behind this modded GT-R have a goal of 225 mph and not even an almost-disaster like this will stand in their way.

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