A 300-MPH Koenigsegg Jesko Is Coming

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The Jesko 300 will be a sister car to the all-new Segg.

The Koenigsegg Jesko is the latest hypercar from the Swedish supercar manufacturer and now that we have seen it in the metal at the Geneva Motor Show we can confirm that it does indeed look every bit as intimidating as those insane power figures would suggest. Aside from the aero, the thinner LED head- and taillights give the Jesko an aggressive look about it which is probably a good thing seeing as it is quite likely to be one of the quickest production cars ever built.

Named after Christian Von Koenigsegg's father, the successor to the Agera RS bears all the styling hallmarks of Koenigseggs that have gone before it but its enormous mid-mounted active rear wing and huge front splitter (also active) are none-too-subtle indications that the Jesko is even more special than its formidable forebears. The result of all that aerodynamic tweaking gives the Jesko over 3,000 pounds of total downforce and forty percent more ground-squishing ability than the Agera RS at 170 mph.


To recap, those headline figures are 1,600 horsepower and 1,106 lb ft of torque when the updated 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 is fuelled with ethanol or 1,262 hp on regular gas. That makes it more powerful than the record-breaking Agera RS even when it is equipped with the 1,360 hp 1-megawatt package. It also makes it quite possibly the most powerful internal combustion engine ever fitted to a homologated production car as well as the lightest V8 ever.

Christian went on to say that there will also be a sister car to the Jesko, with smaller splitters and wings and less of a focus on downforce. It will be called the Jesko 300, hinting at its potential to break the 300 mph barrier.

The innovative features do not stop at the engine either, there is a nine-speed multi-clutch transmission that does away with traditional synchro rings to allow for extremely rapid shifts, an active rear wheel steering system for sharper handling and optional carbon fiber wheels that are the lightest and strongest ever fitted to a production car. On a practical note, the Jesko also has the most spacious interior of any Koenigsegg yet.

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The complex sounding dihedral synchro-helix hinges allow the doors to open up vertically revealing this more commodious interior and it is also far less spartan than one might expect from such a focused hypercar. Alcantara, leather and carbon fiber cover the seats and door cards while in front of the driver is a nine-inch infotainment system and five-inch digital dashboard.

Two small touchscreens on either side of the steering wheel provide easy access to a number of commonly used functions. Full pricing and performance details have yet to be revealed but we expect world-class acceleration figures from this awesome machine.


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