A 4-Year-Old Mustang Fan Got The Greatest Birthday Present Ever

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Damn hard to beat this.

For many, our love of cars began at a very young age. Was it a particular car from a movie or TV show that made that initial spark? A car owned by a parent, relative, or neighbor? Meet Caleb. He just turned four-years-old, and he happens to absolutely love Mustangs. What did he wish for on his birthday? He wanted to see some Mustangs. Smart kid. The guys from CJ Pony Parts, a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Ford Mustang parts and accessories retailer, along with Caleb's mother, helped make the birthday boy's wish come true.

Watching young Caleb dart from one Mustang, new and old, to another in a parking lot display set up especially for him is really pretty touching. Caleb, you're going to do just fine in life. Trust us.

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