A 4x4 Off-Road Muscle Car? Sure, Why The Hell Not?


This idea is so awesome it's literally perfect.

Now, this is something we really haven't seen before. And, quite frankly, there really ought to be more cars like this one. What you're about to see is an almost Frankenstein sort of thing, in the sense that it brings back something from the dead. What was once an old and pretty rusty 1973 Plymouth Road Runner has been turned into the Mad Maxxis OFF Road Runner, courtesy of the guys over at Motor Trend's Dirty Every Day. Right, so the car's body still isn't much to look at, but a massive wheel and tire set certainly helps to change that.

The suspension and chassis? Do you really have to ask? And then there's what's sitting under the hood: a brand-new 5.0-liter Cummins V8 that you'll also find in the new Nissan Titan. Oh, and they even bolted on a towing hitch. So what's 4x4 off-road muscle car used for? Check out the video ahead to find out.

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