A 900 Horsepower Audi RS6 Avant Is Every Supercar’s Worst Nightmare

Drag Race

As if the RS6 Avant wasn’t capable enough already.

The plight of the sports cars and supercars that try to mess with the Audi RS6 Avant is well documented, with everything from the Mercedes AMG E63 S Estate to a Nissan GT-R and even another Audi, the R8 Spyder, having fallen to the horsepower surprise this wagon packs under the hood. It’s not a good look for the competition, which has to suffer form the reality that it’s just lost to a station wagon, but in this case, excuses can be made.

When judging this race, it’s important to make note of the giant Garret turbocharger that lies underneath the hood. That helps send up to 900 horsepower to all four wheels with the kind of abrupt traction that could surprise a Dodge Challenger Demon.

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In this case, the star Audi has been tuned by Klasen-Motorsport, which by no means left the rest of the car alone. The exhaust system is one of those components that got touched by the tuner’s hand, helping the end result by letting the engine breathe more freely while letting this ferocious guttural growl escape into the atmosphere. It's only too bad the paint and decal work detracts from this wagon's sleeper status.