A Bad Day for Ferraris in Japan

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Without question, the owners of these Ferraris have had much better days.

First things first: accidents do happen. As much as we try to avoid them, it's not always possible to avoid something on the highway, such as a chain reaction that was started by another car or semi-truck. But still, there are plenty of times when the accident is the result of pure recklessness which there's no excuse for. And now, we just found out that there's been a serious accident on a Japanese freeway involving several Ferraris. The video was posted Saturday (December 3rd) and was likely the result of one Ferrari driver's serious mistake.

He apparently tried to change lanes and struck the median barrier, then spun out of control across the freeway. Other cars collided when trying to avoid hitting him. Even the newscasters here seem to be stunned by what's happened and fortunately no one was seriously hurt.

However, it's a very different diagnosis for the cars. Among the models involved appear to include the F355, 360 Modena, F430, and even a white Testarossa. All told, reportedly eight Ferraris, one Lamborghini, and three Mercedes-Benz's were involved in the crash. Blatantly obvious that the damage was much greater than a few scratches, these owners must have been undoubtedly upset once they realized the repair costs were probably through the roof. Their insurance agents must have also been thrilled.

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