A Bad Day for Ferraris in South Florida

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If you own a Ferrari in South Florida, you may want to stay home for a day or two.

Here we go again. It would be bad enough if this were just another Ferrari burning to a crisp story. Oh yeah it happened, but on the same day, another poor Ferrari somehow managed to lose control on the highway not so far away. We'll start with that one. A CarBuzz reader sent us this video of him witnessing the aftermath of a driver who somehow lost control of his Ferrari and went off the pavement. The exact cause is unknown but we're willing to bet the driver was just going too fast. Hat Tip to Alex P.

It's not everyday that you see a Ferrari crashed in the middle of a highway land barrier.

As we mentioned, another episode of spontaneous combustion plagued a Ferrari in Boca Raton, only this time it wasn't a 458 Italia. It was its predecessor, the F430. Someone then noticed a small fire that started at the rear end of the car and within just a couple of minutes the entire F430 was engulfed in flames.

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