A Bentley Four-Door Coupe Would be Beautiful

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Just make sure it'll have RWD and a powerful V8.

If all of the major German automakers are building and profiting from luxurious four-door coupes, then why can't a UK brand do the same? That's apparently what rendering artist Theophilus Chin pondered before he created this image of what a so-called Bentley four-door coupe could look like. Come to think of it, Bentley is a part of the German-based Volkswagen Group, so it would make sense for such a model to exist.

Combining styling elements of both the Continental GT coupe and the Flying Spur sedan, this rendering really looks great and it'd be a shame if something like it didn't make production. Fortunately, Bentley product planners are now reportedly looking into making such a car a reality and it may even ride on the same rear-wheel-drive platform as the next-generation Porsche Panamera. It would also likely be the cheapest model in the Bentley lineup, but for now everything is far from official.

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Source Credits: theophiluschin.com

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