A Bit Of Skill And Lots Of Luck Saves A BMW M2 Prototype From Demolition

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BMW is testing a special edition M2 with enough power to surprise a professional driver on the 'Ring.

Even for a professional racing driver, pushing a car to its limits on the Nurburgring is a daunting task requiring patience, skill, a bit of courage, and an ability to reel in enthusiasm when a corner is approaching too fast. It's up to the individual driver to possess all of these qualities, but to ensure the car is up to snuff, automakers spend hours, days, weeks, and months of development time on the track trying to work out the kinks because as Koenigsegg knows well, cars must be in top condition to play here.

In this case, it's BMW that's on the track with what appears to be a camouflaged M2. Previous rumors and spy shots that seem to confirm them show that BMW has been working on a special M2, which could be dubbed the M2 CS, that will get a boost in power, aerodynamic aids, and a revised suspension to hold it all together.

Keeping the related 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six as the M4 and M2, the M2 CS could see it detuned from the M4's output of 425 horsepower to an even 400. More than enough to get the car sideways in other words. And that's just what the courageous test driver does here, except they find themselves still traveling in a forward trajectory with the passenger side aimed straight at the guardrail. After avoiding a dramatic impact by a razor thin margin, we can see the driver braking hard and then continuing on their merry way, having shaken off the brush with death. Now we see why the old Top Gear trio treated its own professional racing driver, the Stig, as if he were of another species entirely.

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