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A BMW Better Than The M8 Gran Coupe Is Coming

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The stunning B6's replacement is on its way.

BMW recently pulled the wraps off the new 8 Series Gran Coupe, which could possibly be the most beautiful BMW model of the past 10 years. At first, it's hard to imagine how the Gran Coupe could get any better, and then you realize there will be an M version coming in the near future. Obviously, the M8 Gran Coupe will be more aggressive than the M850i, but it isn't the 8 Series we are most looking forward to. That would be the Alpina version. But we weren't sure whether Alpina would actually give the 8 Series its signature makeover until now. That's because, during a recent interview with Roadshow, Alpina boss Andreas Bovensiepen confirmed there will be an Alpina version of the 8 Series Gran Coupe.

"We will have a replacement for the 6 Series Gran Coupe," Bovensiepen said. "Customers will expect a successor." When asked if this 6 Series replacement would specifically be based on the 8 Series Gran Coupe body style, he answered, "That's the intention."

Alpina typically restricts its US lineup to the larger, more expensive models because the smaller models wouldn't be as in-demand and wouldn't generate enough profit for the company. "When we had the B6 and B7 it was the first time that we had two model lines in the United States running parallel," Alpina product manager Jonathan Ganser said. "The United States is an important market for us in terms of volumes, even though it's an overall small-volume company. We want to make sure that we have two different lifecycles interact so we don't drop off with US volumes completely."

A representative from BMW told Roadshow that "additional Alpina products are in preparation," but wouldn't specify which ones. From what Alpina has told CarBuzz, a 600 horsepower version of the X7 seems highly probable.

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When the Alpina B8 arrives in the US, it will likely have a healthy bump in power over the 523 hp M850i, with greater attention placed on torque. It will feature Alpina's signature wheels, chassis modifications, and a bespoke interior, putting it in contention for one of the prettiest BMW models of all time. Alpina gave no details when we can expect the B8 to arrive but it will likely cost more than the M850i Gran Coupe, which starts at $108,900.