A BMW E46 with a Japanese Twist

Asian panache is in abundance on this aesthetically challenging BMW.

You'd be forgiven for giving this BMW a double-take. Once an understated 320i minding its own business, it has been transformed (mutilated?) with widened fenders, M Sport Coupe E46 front bumpers, and a mean set of wheels that have been inexplicably cambered by -8 degrees and covered in stretched tires. The car also sits just 0.8-inches off the ground on D2 coil-overs. Love it or hate it, there's something unassumingly Japanese about the car's stance with style the clear focus of the tuning project.

Yes it's going to corner like a pig and new tires will be needed every couple of weeks, but it's original. And that's what the Japanese do so well. Photos courtesy of Naoki Matsumoto via StanceNation.com.

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