A Boat Engine Company Built A 750-HP 7.0-Liter V8 For This Ultima GTR

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And somehow it's legal. Not that we're complaining.

Chances are you've heard of Mercury boat engines, but did you also know there's Mercury Racing? Yep, Mercury Racing builds wildly fast cars and thanks to its expertise in boat engines, it can apply that knowledge to something like, say, a 7.0-liter LS7 crate engine. The Drive recently checked out the result, a 750-hp Ultima GTR. Why the Ultima GTR, of all cars? For starters, it just fits the bill: lightweight and designed from the get-go to be fast. It also has a mid-engine design, something Mercury Racing was specifically looking for.

So the choice was clear. Starting with that crate engine, Mercury Racing took the heads of its own big 9-liter and shrunk them down for a 7-liter block. The initial goal was to make 750 hp, and that they did. The horsepower peaks at 7,000 rpm and pulls all the way to rev line. It's pretty insane, to say the least.

Now, this Ultima GTR appears to be street legal, based on the fact it has a state of Wisconsin license plate. But the question is whether this is something you'd want to take out on the street, given 750 hp and car-boat engine tech. Debatable. Do so at your own risk, not to mention skill set. Oh, and hopefully the door won't open while gunning it down a straightaway, as it did in this video.

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