A Bugatti Will Drop Panties, But It May Not Beat A $13,000 BMW Bike

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Dropping panties is good enough for most.

If you are in the market to buy a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, you should be quite comfortable writing a check with six zeros on it. With its combined power and sex appeal, many Bugatti owners would argue that it is the ultimate status symbol. No doubt owning one of these is a sure-fire way to gain VIP entrance into the world of hot girls looking for fuck buddies, though a $300,000 Ferrari or Lambo would likely bring similar results. In terms of speed it's arguably the fastest stock car on the planet.

If you're looking purely for speed a $13,000 BMW stock bike (except for the muffler), stomps on this Veyron SS in an equal start rolling race. Sure the bike is a great deal lighter, even so, it makes you wonder a bit if the Veyron is really worth dropping a cool mil on.

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