A Bunch Of Acuras Got Buried In Salt After Nearby Wall Collapses


And this is why there's something called insurance.

The irony here is just too hilarious. An avalanche of salt spilled on several Acuras parked at a dealership lot in Chicago earlier this week. What happened was the wall of an adjacent Morton Salt building collapsed. The result was hundreds of pounds of salt dumped everywhere, mostly on the cars. Fortunately nobody was injured but at least six cars were completely covered in salt. Another three received a pretty heavy dusting.

And here's the ironic hilarity: the top of the Morton Salt building had the company slogan proudly painted on top: "When It Rains It Pours." It sure does. On brand-new Acuras, in this case. Officials from the Acura dealership have yet to comment, and the cause of the collapse is still being determined.

Source Credits: www.autonews.com

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