A Bunch Of Zero-Mile BMWs Were Found In A Barn


These Bavarian beauties sure are a curious discovery.

The E34 generation 5 Series may not be a desirable collector's classic just yet (unless we are talking about the sublime M5 variant), but any car that has been left untouched for 25 years since it left the factory deserves a closer look.

That is certainly the case for the ten E34 sedans, and one wagon, recently found in a warehouse in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. According to the Facebook post, none of the cars have ever been registered or used on the road since they were bought back in 1994.

Apparently, the cars were intended to be used for a rental car service but clearly, that never happened. Despite having never gotten registration plates and with zero miles on their clocks, the collection of Bimmers do not look quite as mint as you might expect thanks to the less than ideal storage conditions.

From the images posted we can see that one has suffered paint damage from water dripping onto its hoods while some have weather-beaten paintwork and missing fuel cover flaps. For the most part though, these cars look pretty much as they left the factory, the interiors are untouched, and being German we bet a new battery and some stern words will see most of them start at the first turn of the key.

The cars consist of a selection of inline-six 148-horsepower 2.0-liter 520i and 189 hp 2.5-liter 525i models, in either black or maroon body color, we also saw a manual gear lever in there too. Not exactly the 540i and M5 models one might have been hoping for but they are still a great laid-back sedan from an era when BMW's still looked appealing and rode along without the sporty edginess every new German sedan seems to favor today.

There is no word yet on the fate of these cars, allegedly they cannot be registered in Bulgaria so they are most likely to be auctioned off somewhere in Europe, we can't wait to see what the reserve prices will be. Being 25-years-old, they are also eligible for import into the US without having to conform to modern safety and emissions requirements, so we might see a few heading our way too.

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