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A Celebration of Mustangs: Brazilian Style

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And now the Brazilians profess their love for everything Mustang.

Remember that wonderful Ford Mustang short film tribute created a little over a year ago by a group of Polish Mustang fans and owners? In case you don't, it was quite simply one of the best videos ever made that showcased the iconic pony car throughout the generations. And now the Mustang Club of Parana has just released their own tribute film. Parana is a state located in southern Brazil, so naturally we were intrigued to see how these Brazilians would portray one of America's best sports cars of all time.

Just like the Polish Club's, we were left very impressed by this latest Mustang love fest. What particularly sealed the deal for us was their due attention to include every generation of Mustang and even an Eleanor replica. The film's creators say it took three months to put the whole thing together, including filming and editing.

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