A Celebration of Supercars to Raise Money for the Philippines

A group of Philippine supercar owners gather to raise money for the Red Cross.

As many countries in the world continue to go through economic development, some of their citizens manage to work their way out of poverty and succeed in a newly globalized business world. And when they do they often buy supercars, but charity still plays an important role in their lives. An example of this took place recently in the Philippines. After Typhoon Sendong struck the nation in December, 2011, a group of supercar owners, who call themselves 'Track Hos', decided to take action.

In an effort to raise money for the Philippine Red Cross, the group spent one day at an airstrip at Subic Bay with their supercars. They put on quite a show with all proceeds going directly to aid the victims of the typhoon. Fortunately, the event was captured on film by a guy named Sid Maderazo, who's turned it into a short film simply called "The Mile."

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