A Chevy Camaro EV? Envia Systems Takes Next Step Towards a 300 Mile EV


Envia Systems is moving towards a 300 mile range EV.

Envia Systems of Newark, California has recently produced a new 45 Ah rechargeable battery cell producing a world record breaking energy density of 400Wh/kg. Current offerings on the market are now at around 100-150 Wh/kg. To put this into perspective, this accomplishment is a 160 percent energy density increase over the industry standard and it is to be believed that this achievement will aid in extending the mileage between charges to Envia's goal of 300 miles.

It is also suggested that this breakthrough could also bring down the price tag for EV's in the future. We will likely be able to see these new battery cells first appear in GM vehicles since Envia Systems is partly owned by the automotive giant. So in the not too distant future you may be driving an EV-powered Camaro or Corvette that will take you anywhere you want to go, and you might not have to pay more for it than buyer do today for other EVs. Then again, will mainstream buyers even be interested in an EV? If today's gas prices remain in place for the long haul, then even some of the most hardened internal combustion engine fans could switch sides.


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