A Chevy Worth Sniffing: The Camaro Sharpie Car

Art Car

The Carmaro Sharpie Car is finely detailed and looks even better than the original.

We know what you're thinking: "Great, another CarBuzz article about a Camaro." Well you're right, this is another article about the classic Chevrolet muscle car. Chris Dunlop out of Gaithersburg, Maryland designed and drew some incredible artwork to adorn the latest Camaro to come out of the American automaker. The fifth-generation car took over 50 hours to finish, as he had to go through an extensive process from start to finish.

Speaking to LSXTV about his work, Dunlop aka Pinstripe Chris, said "First I remove the old stripes, wash the car, mask out new stripes across the entire car - roof, bumpers and all - and prep it to accept clear coat. Then I Sharpie like crazy. Once I'm done, I mask the rest of the car off, spray the clear coat, buff it, and do a final wash. In total the whole job took about 54 hours from start to finish." Dunlop used 10 sharpies on the Camaro. This is his fourth Sharpie car, as he has already made his mark on "a Cadillac in California and a Fiero here last year, then I did a Mustang and Harley Davidson here this year."

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Check out the photos of the incredibly detailed Chevrolet Camaro Sharpie Car by Pinstripe Chris and let us know what you think about the unique muscle car.