A Chinese-Built Lamborghini Aventador

Really? Well, kind of. A Chinese barbershop owner has invested some 90,000 Yuan (about $13,851 USD) to turn his 1995 Nissan Cefiro into a supposed Lamborghini Aventador. It took him 12 days to complete the major bodywork job and all that's left to be done is to paint it, add windows and lights. The Nissan base car is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged V6 with 200hp, which doesn't even come close to the Aventador's V12 with nearly 700hp.

Considering the short time in which the bodywork was completed, we're impressed with the attention to detail, such as the scissor doors and front bumper angles. Still, we wouldn't be caught dead in public behind the wheel.

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