A Chinese Tuner May Or May Not Have Made An Intelligent Exhaust For The New Raptor

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The times they are a changing.

We rarely talk Chinese tuning because it doesn't really exist. Okay, it may exist but not outside of mainland China. The last time we highlighted a tuner from the country we were talking about an outfit called Aspec and the work it did to a Maserati Ghibli. The sedan looked good but we were skeptical of its claimed 500 horsepower. Now Aspec has given us something new to speculate over in the form of an intelligent exhaust system for the upcoming Ford Raptor.

Ford Motor

A Chinese tuner creating an exhaust for an all-American truck sounds a bit off, but stranger things have happened. Currently not much is known about the system except that it's intelligent and controlled by a remote. These renderings are sketchy at best and it's tough to find any English internet presence for Aspec. Seeing is believing, and until we come across a legit order page featuring a video of a Raptor with an Aspec exhaust we're going to remain skeptical.

Source Credits: www.autoevolution.com

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