A Clear Preview of the Next Nissan GT-R?


The clock is ticking away for when the next Godzilla makes its official debut.

It's been confirmed that the next-generation Nissan GT-R will adopt hybrid technology in order to achieve an even greater level of bonkers performance. Just like the Ferrari LaFerrari, Nissan will use those batteries as a way to boost power and speed. And yes, fuel economy will improve. What we haven't heard all that much about is the next GT-R's styling. While it'll certainly retain that distinct Japanese supercar killer styling, Nissan has kept the exterior design under lock and key.

Fortunately, rendering artist Wild Speed has just published his vision of what the car may look like, and it's basically an evolution of the current design. Whether this is the design path Nissan has chosen or if there's something even more radical-looking coming is still a mystery, but what we can confirm is that the R36 GT-R will have an output of at least 600 horsepower. Expect to see Nissan reveal the next GT-R sometime later next year.

Source Credits: facebook.com

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