A Closer Look at the Mercedes SLS Black Series

Driving footage and real-world photos showcase AMG's new top-of-the-line supercar.

What's better than a halo supercar from a major automaker? A lighter, faster version of said supercar. Judging by the 27,000 of you who read and 114 who commented on Mercedes' release of the SLS AMG Black Series, it seems you agree. Bridging the gap between the SLS and the GT3 racing version, the SLS Black Series has an engine returned for more power and a chassis unburdened of 154 lbs of excess weight to stand as something of a Strassenversion like Porsche's 911 GT1 or Merc's CLK DTM.

Following hot on the heels of its online reveal, AMG has released a handful of additional photos and this video clip. Unfortunately, once again, the sound has been dubbed over with dramatic choral music, but with the SLS Black Series not going on sale until the summer (pricing TBD), it may be the closest you'll get to see one in action any time soon.

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