A Coke-Fueled Woman Crashed Into This Ferrari 458 Speciale


And then she tried to flee.

Steve Goldfield is a Hollywood actor, producer and car guy who's done well enough for himself to buy a Ferrari 458 Speciale. Good for him, but not so good for his Ferrari right now. This past December 28 he parked the car somewhere in Hollywood when a woman crashed into him from behind. Yep, she hit a parked car. How? We'll get back to that in a moment. The damage was pretty bad on the left-hand side of the rear end and there was reportedly damage to the radiators as well because fluid was leaking onto the pavement.

The left side door and quarter panel also has a massive dent due to the impact, and note a bit more damage at the right front corner. Now, how did this crash happen? It wasn't the owners fault. No, the woman who slammed into the parked Ferrari was allegedly high on cocaine. Witnesses said she tried to flee the scene immediately after her bumper cars routine but bystanders prevented her from going anywhere until the police arrived.


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