A Colorful Goodbye to the Wiesmann MF3 Roadster

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Wiesmann and Sieger are teaming up to produce the final edition of the MF3 Roadster.

18 years is a pretty good run for any model, and the Roadster MF3 made a great go at it. Wiesmann is collaborating with Sieger to put out a celebratory final 18-version line of the little convertible. The roadster was a powerful little machine that could put out 343hp out of its inline 6-cylinder engine and Wiesmann wants to honor its ride by making a lasting impression. The Roadster could hit 62mph in 4.9 seconds and hit a top speed of 158mph.

The collaboration makes sense for Sieger, as the managers of the respective companies are brothers and even more than that, they are both located in the same city. "Sieger is known the world over as a premium brand, and its designers have earned it international attention and admiration. It is the ideal company to match our ambition to combine beauty and technical perfection as one," said Friedhelm Wiesmann, managing director. On the distinct 18 versions of the final edition, Wiesmann commented: "Our basic idea was to create an amazing design that would make the last cars even more desirable and valuable."

The cars feature unique exteriors and interiors, with contrasting color schemes that set each one apart distinctly. Wiesmann and Sieger's creative flair will be on exhibition at the Frankfurt International Auto Show, taking place in two weeks' time.

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