A Company You've Never Heard Of Wants To Build A Supercar Capable Of 230 MPH

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For the millionth time: We'll believe it when we see it.

A few years ago a British company by the name of Keating promised the world a car that could hit 340 mph. That car was known as The Bolt, and as you can guess it never materialized. In fact, all that exists of it are some laughably bad renderings. So why are we kicking dirt on the corpse of this failed boutique supercar company? Because Keating is back with a new car that it says will do 0-60 mph in just 2.4 seconds and max out at 230 mph. This is the Berus.

Details are slim and what we do know comes courtesy of Autocar. Apparently two versions of the Berus will be made. The first will pack a V8 engine and make 650 bhp while the second will be a pure EV putting out 402 bhp and a whopping 1,054 lb-ft of torque. As for the design, well it's inspired by snakes. Dr. Anthony Keating, the founder of the company told Autocar as much. "The Berus's namesake is reflected in its design, including the lights which resemble those of a snake and the front which appears to display the snake's fangs." Indeed, if you google "Berus" one of the results is for the European Viper. OK, that checks out, although it does sound like a smarty pants way to steal the "Viper" name.

Apparently the launch date for this car is April 2017. We're not so sure that timeline is realistic. Keating never delivered its first supercar and this next one is looking a lot like a vehicle that will live forever on a computer screen. We'd like to be wrong as the world needs more supercars, but we aren't holding our breath for the Berus to hit the road in April 2017 or ever. That being said we'd love to be proved wrong. Please prove us wrong, Dr. Keating.

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