A Convertible And Hardcore TVR Griffith Is Coming With 600-HP

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The new Griffith is only the start of TVR's 10-year model plan.

Last week, TVR made a triumphant return to the sports car scene with the reveal of the new 500-horsepower Griffith at the Goodwood Revival. It was the first car to be introduced by the troubled British automaker in over a decade following its take over by entrepreneur Les Edgar in 2013, but rest assured it isn't merely a one-off. Speaking to AutoExpress, the TVR boss confirmed that convertible and hardcore performance variants of the Griffith are already in the pipeline as part of the automaker's 10-year model plan.

First, though, TVR is focusing on releasing the initial 500 Launch Editions of the Griffith, which have nearly all sold out. After this, production of the regular Griffith model is set to commence for the UK and European markets, but several variants of the 200-mph sports car are already in the works starting with a drop-top model. The groundwork for the Griffith convertible is already done," Edgar told Auto Express. "If you look at a linear type of business plan there will be faster models on the way." AutoExpress reports that the convertible TVR Griffith will arrive in around two years after the Launch Edition, followed by hotter "S" and "R" versions of the coupe and convertible.

Edgar also hasn't ruled out a 2+2 variant being produced in the future. While the Griffith is powered by a Cosworth-developed naturally aspirated Ford Mustang 5.0-liter V8 that produces 500-hp, TVR's engineers are aspiring to extract 600-hp out of the future hardcore variants. Later down the line, Edgar expects facelifted versions to follow, as well as an all-new model to join the reborn Griffith range, though whether it will be positioned above or below the Griffith remains to be seen. Clearly, TVR plans to stick around this time. While TVR is planning to expand sales and service networks across Europe to sustain its growth, there are no plans on selling in the US, sadly.

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