A Danish Aston-Martin Classic From HBH

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A Danish company has designed an amazing Aston-Martin based supercar.

HBH, a Danish firm, set out to design an Aston-Martin-based supercar that was at once both recognizable as incorporating Aston's design heritage and also being its own distinct model. The result is called the Bulldog GT, a name which itself is a nod to Aston heritage. Based solely on these renderings, we'd say that HBH achieved their goal, although it will be a further twelve months before even the first prototype is completed.

Some aerodynamic testing is still needed, and there will be a few tweaks to the design, although the overall look of the car will remain. It will have a 6.0-liter Aston-Martin V12 with twin superchargers(!), and will together produce 666 horsepower. The body will be made of hand-beaten aluminum, which was chosen over carbon fiber after lengthy consideration on the part of HBH. No word yet on price, but don't expect to be able to trade in your Civic for one.

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