A Day of Reckoning: Cadillac ATS vs BMW 328i

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Can the new Cadillac ATS outperform and surpass the benchmark BMW 3 Series? It's a question we've been wanting an answer for a long time, and Motor Trend has set out to find the truth.

We've been waiting years for this and now it's finally here. No, Middle East peace isn't upon us, but the ongoing battle to de-crown the BMW 3 Series as the best premium sports sedan may have finally been accomplished. Cadillac's all-new ATS is perhaps the Bimmer's most formidable foe to date, and Motor Trend's Jonny Lieberman has put the two in a head-to-head matchup to determine a winner. Now, Cadillac has a lot riding on the success of the ATS and the shame of failure simply isn't an option.

But here's the thing: Cadillac went above and beyond to not only replicate the 3 Series' successful formula but to improve it as well. Did it accomplish its mission or is Middle East peace still a greater possibility in our lifetimes? Check out the video below to find out.

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